Jeep Unlimited Jogger Stroller Honest Review [Video]

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Jeep Unlimited Jogger Stroller Honest Review

Unlimited Jogger Stroller

Hey, guys. Welcome back to our channel. Thank you so much for watching.

Today, I will be filming an honest review about the Jeep Unlimited Range Jogger Stroller from Delta Children. This is the overall view of the stroller. I can’t wait to go into details about how much I love this stroller and how much it’s changed my life, and made things so much easier for getting things done for being a mom on the go. It is so worth it. You guys have to check out this stroller if you don’t have one. You need this in your life.

So, I’ll just jump right in, explaining the details. These are the straps of the stroller. You can remove them, and it’s really safe for the baby’s neck so they don’t get a funny irritation. ​

This is the canopy and how far it extends. It has a really good shade range, and if you want to not get sunlight in the baby’s eyes while you’re going for a jog, it’s very useful. That’s the tray. It’s very wide to put snacks on.

And down here, I’m just going to explain that there is a red flap that you can flip up or down to be able to make the front wheel not spin out of control, which is very useful. That’s the under-basket. I love how wide it is. I can fit pretty much anything down there that I want to bring with me when I’m going out.

And these are the secure locks to keep the wheels from moving. You just flip it up and it goes. You have to flip up both and it moves, just like that. Then you flip down either one or both to make it really secure, and it will not move for dear life.

This is my favorite part about the stroller. You can adjust the recline, and it’s very cozy for the baby to take a nap, and it sits pretty upright too. I love this little peekaboo to put my phone and keys, and the two cup holders, so I can bring my water and my son’s water. And that was just an additional strap in case you want to attach any toys or anything, and like I said, this is the overall vehicle.

Now, I’m going to show you how I break down the stroller and get it inside the car. It’s very easy. I like to lock the wheels first, and then I hit the two slaps on both sides. You need two hands for this, and the stroller easily collapses, just like that. And it’s pretty bulky, but you can manage with two hands, and you just lift it up, put it in, and I can easily fit a lot of things, groceries and bags next to it, so it doesn’t take up all of my trunk space.

And now, I’m just going to remove it out of the car and show you how easy that set up is as well. I just slide it down, and once I put it on the floor, and the same exact way you collapsed it, is the same things you hit on both sides to open it, and once you hear the pop, you’re all set to add the baby inside and the stroller is secure.

Now I’m going to go for a jog. So the wheels glide very smoothly. I love how it just goes over bumps and grooves easily, both walking and running. It’s so fun. I was really nervous at first. I thought that the wheels would try to have a mind of their own, but like I said, you hit that red tab, and it freely moves very easily, and the stroller keeps up with me. I love it.

Ryan was having a blast. It was very cozy for him as well. As you could see, he’s very comfortable. He’s in his big coat, and the flipboard was comfortable. I love the pattern as well inside the stroller. It really feels very, very comfortable, like very extra padded, and he would just have a blast.

I really love this stroller. I recommend it, and I even use it in my living room to put him to sleep. You just have to get one. I’m telling you guys, it’s so worth it.

And, of course, I had to share with you guys, my mommy and me clip from our workout routine. I love to do squats with the stroller, and I’ll just put on his show and he keeps it very entertained and quiet and lets me get my workout on. It’s super easy and comfortable for me to do this exercise in my home. This exercise is super hard, but I like to focus on abs, and the stroller makes it easy. And as you can see, Ryan’s very comfortable, and we have so much fun entertaining each other. I just find multi uses for the stroller, and it really works out.

So if you guys are interested, please click the link below. I will leave it for you where you can purchase your Delta Children’s Jeep Unlimited Range Jogger Stroller. Thanks for watching.