Nuna TRIV Stroller Review [Video]

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Nuna TRIV Stroller Review

Nuna TRIV Stroller

Hi, I’m Amy, owner of Strolleria. In this video, I’ll show you the new Nuna Triv stroller. The Triv is available now at If you have questions about the Triv, email us at customer care at or leave a comment below. Nuna Triv is lighter and folds significantly smaller than any other Nuna stroller without sacrificing features parents are looking for. Like larger strollers, the Triv has a reversible seat, a roomy storage basket and easy car seat compatibility using Nuna’s innovative ring adapter, but the Triv weighs less than 20 pounds or just 14 1/2 pounds for the frame. Plus, it folds using only one hand with the seat facing either direction and it stands when folded. The Triv can be used from birth to 50 pounds and it’s available now at for $699.

The Triv has a reversible seat that allows your baby to face you when they’re younger and forward when they’re older. It has three reclined positions including a near flat position, and you can adjust the handlebar and the foot rest for extra comfort. The Triv can be used with Nuna’s three infant car seats, the PIPA, PIPA Lite, and PIPA Lite LX. Other car seat brands are not compatible. You only need one hand to snap a car seat into the ring adapter, which is included with purchase. To remove it, press the button on the back of the car seat.

It only takes one hand and a few seconds to fold the Triv. First, push the small button within the recline lever, then pull the lever and fold the seat into the frame. Pull up on the strap and the Triv collapses instantly. The stroller folds with the seat facing either direction and it stands when folded so it’s easier to lift. To open the stroller, simply lift the handlebar and pull the frame back into place. When you fold the stroller with the ring adapter, the adapter folds at the same time.

The canopy of the Triv is water repellent and has UPF 50 sun protection. Open the peekaboo window for a look at your baby and unzip the canopy for even more coverage. The trip has a seat insert made of Merino wool, a fabric that’s breathable and moisture wicking. You can remove the insert, so the seatback is ventilated. The Triv comes in two colors, caviar and frost, both of which have brown leatherette details.

Here’s a quick look at the differences between the Triv and Nuna’s four other stroller models. The Triv is most similar in weight to the PEPP Next, but the Triv has more features like a reversible seat and it’s more compact when folded. Compared with the Nuna TAVO MIXX and Demi Grow strollers, the Triv is more compact and at least five pounds lighter. Unlike the MIXX and Demi Grow, the Triv does not have a bassinet option and unlike the Demi Grow, it doesn’t convert into a double.

Compared to the other full size Nuna strollers, the Triv has smaller wheels that do not have suspension although there is suspension under the seat to help absorb shock, but the other Nuna strollers have larger wheels and all wheel suspension that makes them better suited for uneven terrain like grass, gravel or snow while the Triv is best for city streets and errands.

That’s it for our review of the Nuna Triv available now at If you have questions about the Triv or need help finding the stroller that’s right for you, email us at customer care at or leave a comment below. Thanks for watching.