Nanit Baby Monitor Review for 2021

Nanit Baby Monitor Reviews

Healthy sleep promotes your baby’s mental, cognitive, and physical health and development. Sound sleep also helps your baby fight infection, stress, and illness. However, sometimes your baby may have disrupted sleep, and you’d like to know the cause. Since it’s impossible to watch your baby all night long, that’s where a smart baby monitor comes into play.

The Nanit baby monitor is a smart gadget designed to monitor your baby’s breathing motion, sleep patterns, and measure the room’s temperature and humidity. The baby monitor has excellent Apps, background audio, and a wide-angle video with night vision. After tracking and analyzing your baby’s sleep patterns, the Nanit baby monitor gives you personalized recommendations on improvements to make.

Nanit baby monitor gives peace of mind to parents as they can detect unusual changes in their babies and seek medical help when necessary. The monitor is a crucial device for all parents as it saves them from waking to check on their babies.

A Review of Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor and Camera Wall Mount


Nanit plus baby monitor has various parts such as the camera/monitor, a wall mount, the Nanit app, and multiple options for a stand. Most baby monitors have a separate parent unit, a screen on which parents watch and hear their babies, but Nanit’s baby monitor doesn’t. Instead, it uses a Nanit app compatible with your iOS or Android to act as the parent unit on your phone.

Nanit Baby Monitor: Reviews of Features


There are three ways to mount the Nanit Plus camera; the wall mount, floor mount, and multi-stand. In addition, the Nanit camera has a night light which you can turn on via the app. The light is adjustable and doesn’t affect the camera image. The camera uses an infrared LED light to provide night vision during night checkups on your baby in the dark.

Although similar to the original version, the Nanit Plus camera has added features such as nature sounds, a breathing monitoring feature, and two-way audio that enables you to listen and talk to your baby. It also has advanced user permissions for other members of the family or caregivers.

The Nanit Plus camera supports background audio, enabling audio monitoring to continue even when you open other apps on your phone or it is on standby mode. The Nanit Plus camera produces HD-quality real-time images whatever your smartphone. After recording the HD video, the camera follows and learns your baby’s sleeping patterns with time. It then sends you alerts and recommendations for boosting your baby’s sleep quality.

Nanit insights

Nanit insights and sleep tracking function only when the camera is facing down into the baby’s crib in a bird’s eye view. You can achieve this by mounting the camera directly above the crib. If you mount the camera on a multi-stand, the Nanit insights do not function. If your internet connection drops, the camera continues streaming to your phone as long as you are connected to your home Wi-Fi.

For the Nanit sleep monitoring information, a crib area needs to be defined for the camera to focus on. This can be done by a parent or caregiver, and is easy to set up. The insights enable the monitor to differentiate between your baby’s movements in sleep or rest and when they are taken in or out of the crib.


Nanit plus has three mounting options suitable for any home or nursery.

Wall mount

Fixed to the wall, the Nanit camera unit is located above your baby’s crib to have a bird’s eye view. Then use the settings on the Nanit app to instruct Nanit on the area it needs to capture. With the wall mount, a cable cover is provided to prevent your baby from pulling the cable.

Floor stand mount

This option allows you to place the camera in an overhead location. It assumes the position of the camera as if mounted via a wall mount. However, with the floor stand mount, you don’t need to drill the wall.

Multi-stand mount

A multi-stand allows you to mount the Nanit monitor while on trips or visits. It places the camera in an outward position facing towards your baby’s sleeping area. Unfortunately, the sleep tracking function and Nanit insights are not compatible with multi-stand mounting.



Nanit Plus has 256-bit encryption, which makes it impossible to hack its IP addresses. You can be sure that your baby’s data and images are safe.


Nanit’s Wi-Fi antenna diverts Wi-Fi signals away from your baby. So parents can rest assured that no signals will point at their babies.

Cord Management System

Nanit provides a cable cover to prevent your baby from pulling the monitor’s cable and a cord management system to prevent them from getting entangled in it.

Temperature Sensor

For parents using air conditioners and heaters, this is an essential feature. The sensor is highly sensitive and warns you when your baby’s room temperature leaves the comfort limit. You can take the necessary actions as and when they are needed.

Breathing Monitoring

Nanit Baby Breathing Monitoring

With their unique breathing wear, Nanit Plus offers detailed monitoring of your baby’s breathing. The system resembles a swaddle patterned with black and white squares. When you use the Nanit breathing wear, the camera monitors the motion for steady respiration. You can read the respiration rate in breaths per minute on the App.

Put breathing wear on your baby and press the icon resembling lungs on the app to activate the function. The bottom of the screen indicates green as the monitor simulates your baby’s breathing in and out. Unlike other baby monitor brands, Nanit’s breathing monitoring system doesn’t consist of any electronics; it’s simply fabric.

Breathing wear clothing includes a breathing swaddle and band. Whilst the technology to use breathing wear is included in the Nanit Plus, the actual breathing wear isn’t included and must be purchased separately.

Age limit

You can use Nanit Plus smart baby monitor for your child from birth up to about four years. The Nanit’s breathing wear swaddle is suitable for babies who haven’t started rolling and the band is the recommended breathing wear for babies over six months.


The Nanit Insights

Nanit Insights is a software service that interprets data gathered by the Nanit monitor & sensors and compiles it into insights for you to see. The insights include sleep data, statistics, and customized sleep recommendations for your baby. Since March 2019, Nanit plus comes with free one year of Nanit insights, after which you pay monthly or yearly subscription.

Nanit insights enable you to watch a time-lapse video of your child’s night. You can also store plenty of time-lapse videos to play them back in your free time.

The Nanit App

You can download the Nanit App on your iOS or Android for free and use it as the operational center for the Nanit monitor. The App runs background audio, so you’re able to hear your baby even when the App is not open on your phone. You can also talk to your baby since it’s two-way audio. It also has white noise speakers to produce soothing sounds to help your baby sleep.

The App has various sections for monitoring and storing information.

Nanit app

This section records the amount of time your baby slept, time spent in the crib, visits by parents, and a valuation of your baby’s sleep quality.

Live feed

The live feed section allows you to see a real-time HD video of what’s going on in your baby’s crib. You can see temperature and humidity readings in the baby’s room and turn on the night light if you want to check on your baby without risking waking them.

Video history

This section allows you to browse through the history and see how your child has been doing in their crib. Using a standard Nanit Insights package, you can see a thirty-day history and a one-year history with the Unlimited Insights package.


Allows you to add additional users like grandparents and caregivers, extra cameras, and other layout changes.


Nanit company offers a 45-days guarantee so that you can return it for a refund within 45 days.

About Nanit


Nanit is an American startup that creates baby monitors operated via its mobile application. It was founded in 2016 with New York as its headquarters.


Nanit has received various awards, including CES Innovation Award 2020, Forbes Best Baby Monitor 2019, NPD Consumer Electronics Industry Performance Award 2020, and CNBC’s Upstart100 most promising startups 2019.

How Safe is the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor?

Nanit’s baby monitoring features work together to ensure your baby’s safety. For example, Nanit’s breathing wear monitors your baby’s breathing motion and triggers alarms if breathing is delayed for more than twenty seconds. The breathing wear is safe for your baby as it doesn’t have electronic devices or sensors.

The monitor also warns you when the temperature and humidity in your baby’s room are unfavorable. Nanit meets federal standards for placing security measures to safeguard sensitive health information.

What Makes Nanit Plus Baby Monitor Stand Out?

  • Nanit has superior sound and motion quality for a baby monitor. The HD camera produces a high-quality live video feed also has a highly calibrated microphone that makes crystal clear sound.
  • The Nanit App allows you to monitor your baby’s progress through a Wi-Fi connection even when you are far away from their room.
  • The multi-stand, camera, and your phone are all you need for travel. The camera snaps easily into the multi-stand wherever you go.
  • Nanit’s bird’s eye view ensures that the wide-angled lens captures your child.
  • Nanit’s safety is unparalleled. It has a cord management system to keep cords away from your child and prevent entanglement. The 256-bit encryption is impossible to hack, and thus keeps your baby’s data and images safe.

Nanit Pro Versus Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

As well as the Nanit Plus, Nanit also bring us the Nanit Pro for baby monitoring. Here we take a quick look at the differences between the two units.

The Nanit Pro has a 1080p bird’s eye view to give you an unmatched perspective of your child wherever you are, day or night. It also includes a cable management system and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The two-way audio and background audio sends you real-time sound and motion alerts on your phone as well as white noise and nature sounds.

Nanit Pro is a complete monitoring system with sleep tracking and breathing monitoring features. It also monitors temperature and humidity in your baby’s room. It has 256-degree encryption and a two-factor authentication process to keep your account safe. Nanit pro comes with a year of Nanit insights breathing motion monitoring, sleep tracking, and video history.

The Nanit Pro complete monitoring system gives you personalized science-based sleep guidance. It also comes with a smart sheet for measuring your baby’s height and tracking their growth. Nanit Pro keeps memories of your child’s best moments and growth milestones which you can share with family and friends.

In Comparison – Nanit Plus and Nanit Pro

  • Nanit Pro has a 1080p camera resolution while Nanit Plus has 960p.
  • Nanit Pro is more expensive than Nanit Plus.
  • Nanit Pro and Nanit Plus both have additional extras which must be purchased separately, like the breathing band and multi-stand.
  • The Nanit Pro features a smart sheet that enables you to measure your baby’s height.

Bottom Line

Nanit Plus and Nanit Pro are smart baby monitors that produce excellent picture quality and crystal clear video of your baby. You can view your child even when you’re far away from their room. In addition, the monitor’s exceptional security features ensure your baby’s safety and give you peace of mind.

The Nanit monitor is accurate and gives critical alerts when things aren’t in order. Although expensive, the Nanit is far superior to the other baby monitors.