Pickler Triangle Review – Where to Buy Or DIY

Pickler Triangle Review

Playtime is still the most effective plus essential time to keep kids entertained and active. However, there are many toys out there that not only help your kids enjoy their childhood but are also good for their motor skills. One of these toys is a pikler triangle.

Top 3 Best Pickler Triangle – Comparison

What Are Pikler Triangles?

Pikler Triangles

Most new parents are still unfamiliar with a pikler triangle, although this toy has been around for more than 100 years. The pikler triangle’s name comes from the creator, Dr. Emmi Pikler, a reknowned Hungarian pediatrician at that time.

Dr. Pikler came up with an idea to create a respectful relationship between infants and adults that encourages motor development. A pikler triangle is a safe structure that allows kids to climb and explore their own boundaries and learn their body strengths.

Parents can use a pikler triangle indoors or outdoors due to its size, making it safe for toddlers and smaller children. In addition, it encourages children to bravely climb the various attachments like the rock wall, which helps develop their gross motor skills. Most pikler triangles come with climbing walls, ramps, and slides – so it’s enough to keep your children entertained for hours!

Is The Pikler Climbing Triangle Montessori Approved?

Pikler triangles are often associated with Montessori toys; however, they’re not. Montessori Philosophy is based on the idea of allowing children to explore their freedom naturally. Pikler triangles, made of natural materials, encourage kid’s development, which aligns with Montessori’s philosophy of exploring freedom naturally in a practical manner and open-ended play.

Age Range of Pikler Triangle

Who can use a pikler triangle? Is the pikler triangle safe for a newborn? What if my children fall when they use their pikler triangle?

Some parents could be terrified when introducing their children to a pikler triangle.

Indeed a pikler triangle seems fragile and tall. Yet, it is designed to train children’s gross motor skills. So, if children fall once or twice, it’s still entirely safe for them  – and you don’t have to worry when it happens.

Use of Pikler Triangle Properly

Pikler triangles are designed for babies from 6 months old up until 5-year-old preschoolers. Babies can use a pikler triangle to learn how to pull themselves up and to stand. 

When children get older, around 1 to 2 years old, they will try a different thing: explore the climbing structure and learn how to back down without falling.

Parents can expect most 4-year-old children or above to already master their pikler triangle by climbing without falling.  Plus, toddlers can begin to play on it with their siblings or friends.

Although pikler triangles are safe for youngsters, you have to watch them playing so that you can immediately help if they fall. 

Pikler triangles help build trust between you and your kids. For example, if your kid falls repeatedly, they won’t be scared to climb the triangle again if there is trust and knowledge that you are there to help them.

Develop Gross Motor Skills

One of the main reasons the pikler triangle is best for your kids is their gross motor skills. Because toddlers naturally love climbing, the pikler triangle aids in developing their motor skills, planning to accomplish their goals, and developing their imagination.

A pikler triangle is also one of the most effective ways to encourage kids to become more adventurous and explore their surroundings. Children will sense if pikler triangles are safe for them and will get addicted to climbing. 

Boost Confidence

Many parents will buy a pikler triangle for their home because it works perfectly in their children’s climbing areas. Aside from the low risk, the different sizes make it simple for you to install on existing playground equipment, no matter the size.

It will take some time for kids to build their own confidence, but pikler triangles are a great place to start.  The double-sided ramp of the climbing structure will encourage them to practice their gross motor skills and explore their physical abilities.

Some reviews recommended parents use pikler triangles as soon as possible, and you can even start it before 6 months. Babies start by lying under the pikler triangle and then become familiar with the climbing frame.

A six-month-old baby would start showing interest in pulling everything near them, including pulling on the rungs. After that, they would start to learn to climb, and these climbing triangles will help them take a little step from time to time.

As they grow, kids keep exploring their pikler triangle, and finally the day comes when they reach the peak. It’s not only them who’s proud of this milestone, but also you as parents who keep an eye on them every day.

How to Use Pikler Triangle Properly

Parents have to understand how to use this climbing triangle properly despite all of those benefits that children can get with playing a pikler triangle. Otherwise, children would quickly get bored playing with their pikler triangle, which would be a waste of money.

Most companies only provide pikler triangles in two sizes: small and large.

Small pikler triangles are designed for 2-year-old kids and below. You can give medium or large pikler triangles to older children and adjust the height due to children’s size.

However, you need to pay attention to their own height since every kid is different. For example, some kids might need small-sized pikler triangles if they are a little shorter than their friends.

For example, if you don’t have enough yard to build a slide, you can stand the pikler triangle against a ladder or even a cement wall instead. Keep in mind to choose a ladder that has a flat board, so it’s easier for you to lean it against the triangle.

Best Pikler Triangle Options for 2021

After learning the benefits of using pikler triangles, it’s now time to choose the best pikler triangles from trusted manufacturers.

So take a look at those best pikler triangles at an affordable price:

RAD Foldable Triangle

Many parents have chosen RAD Foldable Pikler Triangle because it’s safe for kids of all ages. This climbing triangle comes in a standard size, with 33.5 inches long legs and 28 inches wide rungs, engaging for babies and 5-year-old toddlers.

RAD also offers their pikler triangles in smaller and bigger sizes so that you can choose them according to your needs.

RAD experts pay full attention to their pikler triangle’s safety, which means only one attachment style is offered. You can use the double-sided wood with smooth edges as a climbing ramp complete with ladder steps and slide on the other side.

The best thing about a RAD foldable triangle is it has a lock pin. So it’s helpful to hold your children when climbing on it or stops them pinching their fingers when pushing the pikler across the floor.

The RAD foldable triangle comes in natural color, which you can paint if you want. The rungs are also made from solid hardwood, so your children will be completely safe when hanging on them.

There are many positive reviews about the RAD Foldable Pikler triangle. Grace, one of the customers, said she knows she’s in good hands. RAD makes Grace’s family happy because it has superb quality and a beautiful design. Her kids have enjoyed it as well.

Roam Creative Play: The Triangle

Known as 2021’s Best Pikler Triangle Overall, six-month babies to six-year-old toddlers can enjoy it anytime. Younger babies can use it to pull or stand, while older babies can climb over and use their imagination.

This pikler triangle is made from baltic birch and poplar wood that is free from any toxic chemicals. The weight limit is up to 80 lbs, so it’s entirely safe for your kids to play on it together with their friends.

Plus, the pikler can be adjusted to many different heights and angles that allow your kids to be more creative when playing it.  

The best part about this pikler triangle is that it is designed to separate into two halves easily. So you can save a lot of space by keeping it in the closet or under the bed!

The climbing ladder is coated in a non-toxic finish, and the organic birch plywood makes it easier to clean it anytime.

You can get this pikler triangle for under $500. Roam Creative Play also offers discounts for families with twins or triplets, so buying a pikler triangle from them rather than another brand can save you a lot of money.

Wiwiurka Foldable Triangle

Wiwiurka offers the best medium foldable pikler triangle that allows children to play with it every day. The maximum weight is up to 100 lbs and is designed for 9-month-old babies until 5 year olds.

This foldable triangle is for indoor and outdoor use. The width is only 24 inches, and it is made from high-quality pine wood and painted with non-toxic acrylic paints. This makes it safe for every child. Furthermore, the sturdy climbing triangle is made from the best solid pine, which means you can use it for years to come.

Many parents love Wiwiurka Pikler Triangle because it is easy to follow the instructions.  You need less than an hour to assemble it, and all you need is a screwdriver before your kids can start playing on it.

Wiwiurka’s best foldable climbing triangle comes in 23 color palettes, allowing you to pick the perfect color for your baby’s nursery!

You can add any accessories or toys on slides or the climbing board to challenge your children as they grow up. Also, you can place a non-slip mat under this pikler triangle to make it safer for them.

How About DIY Pikler Triangle?

If you think buying a pikler triangle is too expensive, you can make your own pikler triangle instead! It’s certainly a labor-intensive option, but if you’re the crafty type then you will enjoy the challenge.  Remember to choose good solid wood, and follow a design to make sure it’s strong and sturdy as a climbing triangle for your little one!

Bottom Line

The Pikler triangle is the best investment for your children because it’s great stimulation for their development. Pikler triangles are also a great way to encourage children to explore their physical and mental development by learning to crawl, climb, and pull up.

Pikler triangles have become one of the most effective ways to boost children’s confidence.  This is because they learn to socialize, how to cooperate, and learn patience. In addition, the triangle is a great way to trigger a kid’s imagination while having fun with their friends.

When children are 6 years old and older, they become bored with pikler triangles.  Unfortunately, this means you will not be able to use this triangle forever. But, the good news is that you can buy foldable pikler triangles and save space by keeping them in the living room.

If you feel buying a pikler triangle is too expensive, make pikler triangles yourself from everything at home that is safe for your kids. Also, make sure you use the best material so your DIY pikler triangle is durable for years.