We Reviewed The Snoo Smart Sleep Bassinet Rental Option

Snoo Rental Options

Are you a new parent struggling with sleep deprivation? Maybe you thought your baby was a good sleeper, but seem to have hit a sleep regression. Or maybe you have two or three kids and definitely don’t get enough sleep! Sleep is important both for you and your baby. When your baby is tired and crying it is so hard to get anything else done.

The Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet is here to help your baby sleep more soundly and allow you to clean up, prepare food and take a well-deserved nap too. A thousand parents have left good reviews for it and some said that it changed their life. No more sleep deprivation, easier to put your baby to sleep, having the happiest baby is no longer a dream.

Snoo Smart Baby Bassinet Review

Founded by Dr. Harvey Karp, one of America’s most-trusted pediatricians and writer of The Happiest Baby on The Block, the Snoo Bassinet is the world’s smartest and safest baby bed.

The Snoo Bassinet boosts your baby’s sleeping hours using science-backed techniques. This includes a swaddle, soothing white noise, and rocking motion similar to what your baby experienced in the womb. This smart crib gently rocks babies to sleep, both during the night and for naps.

The Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet

Designed for use from birth until 6 months, the Snoo Bassinet features a 5-second swaddle that helps to reduce dangerous rolling.  This bassinet can hold your baby until they weigh 50 lbs.

The Snoo Smart bassinet is made of 100% organic cotton and Snoo sacks are available in three different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. It also has a 100% organic cotton fitted sheet, so the material feels very soft and your baby will be comfortable sleeping on it anytime.

Your crying baby could be calmed back to sleep in under a minute because the Snoo Bassinet calms fussing with gentle motion and sound.

A Smart Bassinet

You can control the Snoo Bassinet through a mobile app, and you can monitor your baby’s sleep patterns every day in addition to getting parenting tips from Dr. Harvey Karp.

With the Snoo app, you can remotely pick the best motions and white noise levels for your baby, so they feel more comfortable and safer while sleeping. You can also customize your Snoo sleep sack from gentle newborn mode to easy weaning to give the best sleeping position for your baby.

Safe for newborns

A safe baby bed, the Snoo smart bassinet is designed to keep your baby on their back and maintain the safest sleep position, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. It is also specifically designed to be used for newborns and babies up to 6 months and is safety tested for the US market.

The secure swaddle and gentle rocking motion keep your baby asleep all night long. It also means that baby will have longer naps than without a Snoo. This function can also be turned off anytime by activating weaning mode all controlled by the app.

Why Parents Need To Rent A Snoo Smart

Although Snoo Smart Bassinets have thousands of good reviews, some parents are hesitant to buy it because its purchase price tag is around $1,000, and obviously it’s more expensive than other bassinets on the market. Also since the Snoo Smart can only be used for 6 months, there may be other places parents want to spend $1,000 on their baby.

But as we read the Snoo review columns, it seems there’s nothing quite like the Snoo for getting that extra sleep for your baby – whether they’re two weeks old or 3 months!

The good news is that you can rent the Snoo Smart bassinet at an affordable price. You only need to pay under $5 each day, and you only need to pay around $200 for one month to rent the Snoo. Most parents who claimed this smart bassinet has changed their life forever have also rented the Snoo Smart, hence they have saved hundreds of dollars for other baby needs.

How to Rent A Snoo

Renting a Snoo is easy because the whole process is set up on the Happiest Baby website. Sign up, enter your data and credit card details, and your Snoo will be on its way. Parents can rent up to three Snoo Smart bassinets at the same time!

Keep in mind if you are only able to rent a Snoo Smart in 50 United States districts. You must be above 18 years old too and you are not allowed to transfer this smart bassinet to another family during the rental period.

What is the Snoo Smart Rental Period?

Since the Snoo bassinet is only designed to be used only until 6 months, parents only need to rent it for a short period. You can use the Snoo only for one month, or longer than that, it all depends on your needs.

Happiest Baby allows you to rent Snoo for one-month minimum, and it will automatically renew monthly if you do not cancel the rental. Keep in mind that your rental period begins on the delivery date, so if you plan on ordering it in advance of your due date, the clock will already be ticking before baby arrives.

Simple monthly billing for a Snoo Smart rental

For Snoo rental, you need to prepare your credit card since it’s the only payment that Happiest Baby accepts.

When you place your rental order, your credit card is automatically charged for the first-month rental fee (including tax, a refundable security deposit, and a reconditioning fee). If you continue your Snoo rental, then this credit card will be charged again for the monthly rate (including tax). Parents can also use any discount codes they have to reduce the monthly payment.

If you are a Happiest Baby member, then you can use your Happiest Baby Gift Card too when paying. Any remaining balance will be applied to your rental account too and it goes against future monthly payments. You will see this notification right after your check out.

Keep in mind Happiest Baby always requires your credit card details for its security deposit.

What do I get with my Rental Snoo?

A rental Snoo Smart comes with all the bells and whistles that one you have bought does, but for a much lower price.

Your Snoo rental will include a 1 Snoo Smart sleeper, Snoo mattress and mattress cover, 1 fitted sheet, and a Snoo sack. Plus, you will get many Snoo Smart accessories including 4 Snoo legs, a power cable holder, and a power cord plus its adapter.

You can place your Snoo smart wherever you are, whether in your room or the nursery. The Snoo sack will keep your baby warm in the middle of the night, and they will feel more comfortable and sleep better.

How do I know a Rental Snoo is hygienic?

Renting a Snoo Smart means you will get a used Snoo. Some parents are hesitant to rent a Snoo because they worry about hygiene.

The Happiest Baby team always guarantees the health and safety of your baby. Every Snoo rental undergoes a 5 step sanitizing and checking process, this includes inspection, cleaning, sanitizing, refreshing, and certifying.

Every Snoo bassinet is cleaned using high-pressure and super-heated steam cleaning to sanitize the outer and inner mesh. Other items like the power adapter, legs, cords, and platform are comprehensively disinfected so parents should have no worries about the cleanliness of the Snoo coming into their home.

Not everything in your rental is second-hand. Each rental Snoo comes with 2 brand new, organic cotton sleep sacks, a new mattress, a waterproof mattress cover, and an organic cotton fitted sheet.

Easy cancellation for a Snoo Smart rental

Parents can cancel their rental anytime, without any additional fees. What you need to do is log into your portal, choose to cancel before Snoo shipping, then cancel the order at the bottom of your account. It is highly recommended to doing this at least 7 days before your next billing cycle, so you won’t get charged with the next monthly payment. 

Once you cancel the Snoo rental, you will get your security deposit back, as long as there’s no damage to the Snoo bassinet that was rented. You only need to wait for 5-10 days for the team to check the condition, before you can get your security deposit back.

If you want to rent a Snoo again in the future, perhaps for your next baby, simply follow the steps mentioned earlier.

Final Thoughts

Every baby is different and they need to get enough sleep to keep them healthy and happy. No one can put a price on a good night’s sleep but the Snoo Smart Sleeper is an expensive product, especially when it can only be used up until your baby is six months old. You can use the Snoo overnight or during the day, for both sleeping and shorter naps.