Chicco Cortina Double Review (A Compact Fold Together Travel System)

Chicco Cortina Double Review (A Compact Fold Together Travel System)

Chicco Cortina Double Review (A Compact Fold Together Travel System)

If you’re in the market for a double stroller, the Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller may be the best fit for you. Making a travel system with the stroller is a versatile feature. You can fit Chicco car seats, so you do not have to unbuckle your kids all the time.

The folding ability needs only one hand to use, so you have a free hand. It also accepts Key Fit or the Key Fit 30 infant car seats. The rear seat fully reclines to give your kids a relaxing ride.The back seat is ideal for storing your bassinet or car seat. The front seat will also fit a car seat. 

Chicco Cortina Double

The automatic storage latch is perfect for keeping all your possessions in one area. It is one of the most convenient strollers available. The seats also hold children up to 40 pounds, so you don’t need to keep buying a stroller every year.

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Modify the Stroller As Your Choice

You can modify This Chicco Stroller to give your kid the best ride in town. Placing the car seats in the stroller gives them extra comfort to keep them relaxed. You can attach bags to the sides if you need extra space. 

Chicco Cortina Double Review folding

The large basket is ideal for storing their diaper bags or their toys. The different car seats that fit in the stroller allows you to have options for what you need.

You can Have One or Two Kids

The stroller can hold two infants comfortably. The back seat reclines to keep your other child in a comfortable and secure position. If you have an infant and toddler, the stroller will fit both of them comfortably.

The different options mean you don’t have to splurge every year for a new stroller to keep up with your kids. You kids will fit comfortably into the front or back of the stroller without any issues.

The Cortina is Easy to Maneuver

You don’t have to worry about going through crowds or the grocery aisles with the Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller. You can make sharp, quick turns to keep your kids from reaching out. It’s a nice feeling when your children can’t reach anything to knock it over. 

The front swivel wheels are perfect for gliding through any high-volume areas. You will appreciate the easy maneuverability of the stroller. It may take some getting used to, but you will find out how easy it is to take through different areas

You can Control it with one Hand

You don’t need to keep both hands on this stroller while you’re pushing it. It is an ideal way to sip on coffee or make a quick call with your other hand. You can fold it just by pressing a button, and it folds up very easily. 

Control Chicco Cortina Double

The automatic storage latch prevents the stroller from popping open while you’re carrying it around. It’s great to have a free hand while you’re trying to fold up the stroller

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  • The assembly is extremely easy.
  • The stroller folds up easily by pressing a single.
  • The car seats snap easily into place.
  • A convenient handle allows you to carry the stroller with one hand.
  • The seats are enormous and comfortable for your kids.
  • There are trays for the kids and the parents.


  • The recline doesn’t go back very far.
  • There isn’t a warranty for the stroller.
  • The Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller is bulky and heavy.
  • It takes up a lot of trunk space.
  • The sun shades aren’t very large.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q. Do you need to buy adapters for the car seats?

Ans. You don’t need any adapters to fit any car seats. The car seats aren’t included, but at least you don’t need the adapters.

Q. Does it have a front bar with cup holders?

Ans. The stroller does have a front bar for the kids. There are cup holders attached to the bar.

Q. Is it a good stroller for twins?

Ans. Your twins should be able to fit in the stroller. Even though it shows kids of different ages, your twins should fit, as long as they’re not over 40 pounds.

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Final Verdict

If you want a twin stroller that will keep your kids comfortably, The Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller is the ideal stroller for you. It will hold your kids in it as long as they’re under 40 pounds.

The stroller can accommodate any car seats so you don’t have to keep buckling up your kids. The front bar will ensure they’re secured in the stroller.

You won’t waste too much time trying to assemble the stroller so you can spend more time cruising around. The customization of the stroller gives you options for making your stroller look great while out on the town.