Thule Urban Glide Review (Amazing Functional Sports Jogging Stroller)

thule urban glide

So your baby is finally here, and you will spend the next few months nurturing. As a runner an athlete or somebody wanting to get back into shape you are now at a crossroads because you feel you will be grounded.

Having been there myself, I found that by the time my baby was two months old I really felt the need to start running again. I was pretty tight on money and time, so the gym was out of the picture.

Thule Urban Glide Sport Stroller Review

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However, after some careful thinking, I opted for a sports stroller. If you can relate to this and wonder how you can get back to some of your old routine, then this is definitely one option. The Thule Urban Glide Sport Stroller is what worked for me. It is ideal for an urban setting, and it has some awesome features and functionality.

Weight and Dimensions

The Thule Urban Glide Sports stroller weighs in at 23 pounds with a maximum carrying the weight of 74 pounds. This is a lightweight stroller hence it favors running. Most other strollers are considerably heavier.

  • The folded dimensions are 34.5 x 21 x 14 inches
  • Shoulder width is 13.5 inches
  • Sitting height 23.8 inches
  • Safety Harness is a 5 point model
  • Lock and swivel wheel options
  • Wheels two at back one at front

Expensive Pricing

The Thule Urban Glide sports stroller is a very competitive priced model coming in at sub $300-$600. Most sports strollers are slightly or overly more expensive.

Accessories are also well priced too, and there is a widespread availability of spare parts. This is really important for a sports stroller as it will be exposed to rigorous use and parts could break, wear or just fall off.

Thule Urban Glide Sport Stroller Review

Thule has a handy parts brochure that you can download from their website. This then makes parts ordering easier thanks to the listed diagrams with part numbers. 

Awesome Functionality

There is some really solid functionality with ergonomic bars for starters. When you are running, you must have a comfortable grip. The height and angle of your arms need to be comfortable. The Urban Glide has a smooth and sleek styling exactly to fit this purpose. 

Thule Urban Glide Sport Stroller Reviews

Pockets are easily secured and plentiful; a vital feature when you are out in the strong wind, unforgiving rain or blaring sunshine.

Fantastic Maneuvering

The stroller has great steering and high-quality bespoke suspension. Even with a 5 point harness, there are limits to how much you can bounce around the baby.The large rear wheels have inflated trail tires that complement the suspension. 

Thule Urban Glide Sport Reviews

The front wheel is smaller and also has an inflated tire. This means you can adjust tire pressure to the ground style you run on.

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  • The Thule Urban is a Lightweight which makes it easy to carry around.
  • Sub $400-$600 price is cheaper than many competitors
  • Great suspension
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Great ergonomics
  • Robust but with good parts backup
  • Rubber inflatable tires for terrain adjustment
  • Lots of weatherproof storage


  • There are budget priced strollers
  • Footbrake is a little awkward to reach
  • Has a smaller accessory range than one or two other competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q. Can the Thule Urban Glide sports stroller cope with the rough ground?

Ans. Yes as it has a high spec bespoke suspension system and a lockable swivel front wheel.

Q. Is the waterproof factor good for the baby?

Ans. The Thule stroller performs very well in all weather conditions, so baby stays dry.

Q. What sort of tires are on the wheels?

Ans. Thule have designed this stroller with inflatable tires.

Q. Is the stroller heavy when loading in and out of cars?

Ans. At 23 pounds this is one of the lightest weight sports strollers on the market.

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The Thule Urban Glide Sport Stroller comes performs well in almost every terrain. The maneuverability is great, especially when off the road. The ability to easily fix the front wheel swivel means there is great versatility. 

The stroller has to be functional for normal pavement and urban use too, so the swivel front wheel works well. The inflatable tires mean you can really get serious about preparing for your running environment

Urban running means harder tires while the softer and more uneven ground will need less air pressure. This is definitely the stroller of choice for a running mom or dad. Be on the move and take your child with you