Zoe XL2 Double Stroller Review (Super Lightest Twin Travel Stroller)

Zoe XL2 Double Stroller

Do you have two children and feel overwhelmed by the thought of going out with them? At times, carrying two kids may prove hard since you can’t handle them all alone. As a result, you require an easy to use the stroller to make the activity less demanding.

The last thing you may wish for is a tandem stroller that is in most cases difficult to use You need a double stroller for your two children. Finding a good double stroller is usually a difficult task. This is because most double strollers are bulky and tire you when you move them around.

Zoe XL2 Double Lightweight Stroller Review

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However, Zoe XL2 Double Lightweight Twin Travel Umbrella Stroller System is different. This stroller is incredibly light in weight weighing 16 pounds only It has other more remarkable features making it the best stroller.

The ZOE Deluxe is super light in Weight

The most attractive feature of this double stroller is the lightweight. In fact, it is even lighter than some single strollers out there. Its light weight is as a result of the material making its frame. The whole frame material is aluminum.

Despite being light in weight, this stroller has a maximum carrying capacity of 50 pounds and spacious enough. It allows space for the children to feel comfortable during the ride and is easy to roll through most doorways.

Zoe XL2 Double Lightweight Stroller Review

The Zoe XL2 has comfortable seats

To ensure that babies and younger children remain comfortable while riding this stroller, its seats are fully padded with five point hardness system. Additionally, they are broad enough to allow small movements. 

The stroller’s seats also recline independently to 135 degrees thus allowing kids of different age to remain comfortable during the entire ride.

This Super Twin Stroller is Safe

The Zoe XL2 Twin Travel Umbrella Stroller has great safety measures. One, it has a five-point padded harness that requires over 30Ibs force to release. This makes it impossible for children to unbuckle themselves. 

This lightweight stroller also has a padded footrest which does not move on the stroller base thus giving children a well-protected foot and leg rest.

Additionally, both seats of the double stroller have separate canopies that are vast and easily extendable. The canopies help to provide shade from direct sunlight and rain showers or snowfalls.

Zoe XL2 Double Lightweight Stroller Review

Easy to use this Twin travel stroller

The Zoe XL2 double lightweight umbrella stroller is easy to use; thus parents do not encounter problems when moving it around when traveling, commuting or even running errands. 

It has individual cup holders for kids, a parent’s cup holder and a peeping magnetic cover to allow parents to look at the kids without having to stop the stroller.

Additionally, it has a pocket to hold some essential items such as the parent’s keys, mobile phone or a small purse. The allocated storage bag also accommodates items such as a diaper bag and shopping bags.

Zoe XL2 Double Lightweight Stroller Review

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  • It is perfect for use in urban areas and while traveling due to its lightweight making it easy to carry, open and fold.
  • Additionally, it comes with a traveling bag making perfect for traveling.
  • The reclining seats allow children to sleep at will.
  • It is very spacious and has a high maximum carrying capacity.
  • As a result, it can comfortably accommodate children of different sizes.


  • The stroller does not have a strap or a handle as a result; you may require to carry it using both hands.
  • Some parents complain that the harness is too flimsy or having a very tight release clip that makes it hard to disengage.
  • It is hard to stand on its own when folded. Parents who own the double stroller complained of how hard it is to make it stand on its own when folded. However, it can easily stand on its own after locking the front wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S

Q. Is this stroller suitable for new born babies?

Ans. this stroller is recommended for children at least six months or older.

Q. Does it include a shoulder strap?

Ans. no.

Q. Are the cup holders permanent or removable? Why does it look awkward when folded and is the seats recline a strap or a lever

Ans. the cup holders are easily removable, and they easily slide on and off. The cup holders may seem awkward but still folds neatly.

However, the parents’ cup holder may not allow you to go through narrow doorways since it sticks out by up to 1/4 inches.

The seats back comfortably recline. No levers. This is the best stroller system ever produced over the years.

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If you are looking for the perfect lightweight double stroller for your children, look no further. The Zoe XL2 Double Travel System is the best stroller model for you.

It is convenient due to its lightweight, easy to fold and simple to move when traveling or while doing the daily activities. Additionally, setting up and using the stroller is easy. The large storage space under the seats makes it perfect choice for shopping trips. 

The seats are comfortable with a big canopy thus protecting the child from harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, harsh sunlight, light showers and snowfalls. This double stroller is worth buying.