Maclaren Quest Arc 2019 Umbrella Stroller Review [Video]

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Maclaren Quest Arc 2019 Umbrella Stroller

maclaren quest arc 2019

Here is the Maclaren Quest Arc for 2019. Now, you may not have been thinking about a Maclaren stroller because you’ve been thinking about Babyzen Yoyos and these little micro strollers, but umbrella strollers still exist, and the Maclaren Quest is just one of my favorites.

There are major changes to the stroller. If you look at my past reviews, you can see the past Quests. You can see the past Maclarens, but this is just… There are a lot of new things about the stroller.

 The first and most important thing is there is one handle on this. Maclaren strollers for years had two handles, which means that when you hold your Starbucks you cannot push it with one hand. Now for 2019 you can push that arc. There’s the arc. Get it? The arc? You can push the arc with one hand, which is really cool. Still the best quality for an umbrella stroller. I’m a huge fan of McLaren strollers. That’s number one.

Number two, there is an adjustable handle. Not a huge adjustment, but you push these two buttons and you can raise it up. It’s like two inches, but hey, that might be good for you for two inches higher or smaller, but there is definitely an adjustable handlebar on the stroller. There is an extendable canopy for extra sun protection and this nice little air mesh so the air can flow through, and they also put a peekaboo window on the back with magnetic closures. Magnetic.

How do you fold down a Maclaren Quest? Let me show you. Pull down back the canopy. It’s in three steps. The first thing you do is you lift right here with your foot, right here this locking mechanism. Then step here on the side. Step. And the third thing you do is you squeeze here, and it folds right down, and a latch is closed right away. And you have a little carry strap on the back so you can carry it around like a golf bag, or some other umbrella. To unlatch it, there’s a little latch on the right side, and then you just push down again on the red. Only on the red. Don’t step up here, step on the red. And it opens back up and you’re good to go.

Note folks, unlike a Babyzen Yoyo, or a Minu, or these other smaller strollers, you cannot use this with a car seat. So that may be why you’re not getting it for your newborn, but you can use this for a newborn. It is a zero plus product. Let me show you how that works. An extendable foot rest, and underneath here, look, look, look, there’s a secret compartment. You un-Velcro it. This little safety situation, you snap on the side, and then you recline the stroller all the way. There’s a recline mechanism on the back, and now you can put your newborn baby into the stroller. Again, no car seat adapter, but this [inaudible 00:02:42] up to 55 pounds. Let me show you something else about this stroller that can be confusing.

I’m going to undo this newborn situation. I had a McLaren Quest and I had one with my son, and I remember I used to wake up really early with him pushing around my McLaren quest with one hand, and I’m a big coffee drinker, and being able to balance a coffee and push it with one hand… It was hard. I wish I had the arc. With that said, you can use this for a newborn, up to 55 pounds, but it has a very long seat, and that’s for a younger child. When you want to use it with a toddler, like a 25 pounder, you undo these little locks, and now you can make the seat more shallow so their feet can go down to the foot rest. Really nice mechanism to lock the front wheels. Just push that down and it closes. So nice.

They had one wheel on the front, they added that in 2018. Still have the one wheel front for 2019. Two last things I didn’t mention. There’s an extra sun visor on the front, and also the last thing, and this is important. You’re welcome. Here is the buckle. You have to push the back and the front together, and it undoes it right away. That’s a safety mechanism, but if you just push on the front, it’s not going to push. You have to push for the front and the back of the same time and look, boom. It goes like this. If you want to see this stroller and the other best travel strollers that are not in this capacity for 2019, you can check out our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.