Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Stroller Comparison [Video]

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Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Stroller Comparison

Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Stroller

Hi, I’m Amy, owner of Strolleria, and in this video we’ll compare the Nuna TRIV with the Nuna MIXXX. Both strollers are available now at If you have questions, email us at or leave a comment below.

The Nuna TRIV has similar features to the bestselling Nuna MIXXX at a fraction of the size. Both strollers have features like a reversible seat, ample storage space, and are easy to turn into a travel system using Nuna’s ring adapter. But the TRIV is the lightest and most compact Nuna stroller and it folds using only one hand. Meanwhile, the MIXX has more seating options and it has larger, sturdier wheels that give it a smoother ride over rough terrain. Let’s go over the differences.

The TRIV is seven pounds lighter than the MIXX thanks to its smaller wheels. It’s also two inches shorter and three inches more narrow which makes it more compact. When folded, the TRIV is shorter than the MIXX and it takes about 10 inches off the length which saves space in your trunk. Both strollers have the same weight capacity and can be used from birth to 50 pounds. The MIXX costs 6.49 or $50 less than the TRIV, which costs 6.99. Both strollers include the ring adapter, but the TRIV also includes a rain cover which is sold separately for the MIXX.

For both strollers the seat is reversible, allowing your baby to face you when they’re younger and forward when they’re older. Both strollers have an adjustable handlebar and an adjustable footrest. You can use each stroller from birth by attaching a Nuna car seat for a travel system. The MIXX has more seating options than the TRIV because it has five recline positions instead of three. And for a newborn, you can also attach a bassinet that’s approved for overnight sleeping, which isn’t an option for the TRIV.

You’ll need only one hand to fold the TRIV and both hands to fold the MIXX. First, push the small button within the recline lever, then pull the lever and fold the seat into the frame. Pull up on the strap and the TRIV collapses instantly. The stroller folds with the seat facing either direction and it stands when folded so it’s easier to lift. To open the stroller, simply lift the handlebar and pull the frame back into place. The MIXX folds like a clamshell with the seat facing either direction. Pull the lever on the seat back to fold the seat, then pull up on the triggers and lower the frame. The MIXX can be trolleyed like a suitcase when folded. To open the stroller, undo the lock on the side of the frame and lift it back into place.

The MIXX has larger, sturdier wheels with all-wheel suspension, which helps the stroller handle rough terrain like grass, gravel and snow. The TRIV has smaller wheels which makes this stroller lighter, but less durable. The TRIV has suspension underneath the seat but not in the wheels so you’ll feel more bumps in the road.

Both strollers are compatible with Nuna infant car seats, the PIPA, PIPA Lite and PIPA Lite LX. Other car seat brands are not compatible with the MIXX or TRIV. The car seats attach to the stroller using the included ring adapter. The ring adapter allows you to easily attach and remove the car seat using only one hand. On the TRIV, the ring adapter folds in half at the same time as the stroller. The ring adapter also folds when attached to the MIXX, but the adapter itself doesn’t fold.

Both strollers offer great sun protection and ventilation to keep kids comfortable in warm weather. Both have an extendable canopy with ventilation on the sides and a peekaboo window, plus the MIXX also has a ventilation panel on the back of the canopy. Both have a seat insert that’s made of a breathable, moisture wicking material, Merino wool for the TRIV and a bamboo blend for the MIXX. You can remove the seat insert so that the seatback is ventilated. The Nuna MIXX comes in three colors, caviar, birch, and granite, and the TRIV comes in two colors, caviar and frost.

That’s it for our comparison of the Nuna TRIV and the Nuna MIXXX. Both strollers are available now at If you have questions or need help finding the stroller that’s right for you, email us at or leave a comment below.